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Noel is Marineé's big (little) sister. Don't let her small stature fool you. She has the biggest heart and the kindest soul (with a touch of sass on the side). Noelia also happens to be an amazing mother to two of Marineé's favorite little humans: her nephew Dylan and niece Maddyn. There are so many good Noel stories to tell. We're sure she's going to share some in her speech on the big day. Look forward to lots of laughs.

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance 


All of the bridesmaids live in various cities around the country, but Nicole (aka- "Co") is the one bridesmaid who lives in North Carolina, just a couple of hours from the bride and groom. Growing up, she lived three doors down from Sam and met Marineé in the 4th grade. While Nicole was terrible at playing Barbies or Polly Pocket growing up, she has been an absolute faithful friend throughout the years. She's also done a fantastic job of holding on to her NY accent despite moving down South.

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom


Jacquelyn was one of the 566 Hillside roommates at Lehigh, along with Gina, Kelli and Katie. Jackie and Marineé bonded over their mutual dislike for their many engineering courses (Jackie studied Mechanical Engineering, Marineé studied Bioengineering) and love for late night McNuggets. Marineé's favorite stories are when Jackie is telling them, and "J-a-c-q-u-e-l-y-n" is a song Marineé still sings every time she spells Jackie's name. Speaking of songs, the song Jack is most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding is: Lady Gaga- Alejandro


Jeanette and Marineé have known each other since the 1st grade. They have been close ever since their days of playing Barbie and singing along to anything Mariah Carey. They've traveled on Spring Breaks together in college and made so many memories along the way. Marineé was thrilled to be the Maid of Honor at Jeanette's wedding and is so excited to have "Netty" be a part of hers.

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Dion- Runaround Sue


Since the day they first met as roommates unintentionally wearing matching outfits (pink polo shirts with khakis), Kelli and Marineé have been inseparable. Within the first week of school, people were asking if they came to Lehigh together from high school. They've remained very close and travel often to see each other.  Whoever gets Kelli to do a backflip at the wedding gets a high five and a hug. She's the former captain of the cheerleading team at Lehigh and is an accomplished neurosurgeon.  

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: R.Kelly - Ignition (Remix) or anything by Michael Jackson


Transitioning to the "Real World" after graduating from Lehigh was tough, but Melissa (fellow Lehigh graduate) made it easy.  She and Marineé lived together in a tiny converted 2-bedroom 4th floor walkup in the Upper East Side and made Manhattan their playground. When Melissa's career took her to San Francisco, their friendship resulted in the best, massive (19-person) group trips to Lake Tahoe. Melissa will take any dare you throw her way, even if that means jumping into a man-made snowy igloo in a bikini (reference: above photo). 

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Journey - Don't Stop Believin'


"Sammer" and Marineé have also been best friends since the 1st grade. One of Marineé's favorite memories of Sam was when someone asked her to play hopscotch during recess but said Marineé couldn't play. Sam refused to play and didn't leave Marineé's side. That's just a small snapshot of their 27 year (and counting) friendship. It's also a glimpse of how fiercely loyal Sammer is.

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: C&C Music Factory - The Boriqua Anthem


"G-unit" and Marineé met their Freshman year at Lehigh as Student Senators. They became best friends when they were roommates at 566 Hillside, during senior year, which was easily one of Marineé's favorite years, ever. Gina was also an extraordinary cheerleader at Lehigh, so getting her and Kelli to do a cheer together might be on the wedding wish list.  Watch out for her on the dance floor! Gina knows how to cut a mean rug.  Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Tied between Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Madonna - Like A Prayer


Marineé made a lot of great friends during her time in Texas, and "V" was one of the first. They met in 2012 as co-workers when working their first shift at a bar in San Antonio and became great friends from that point onward. Vanessa is the little sister Marineé never had, and they've bonded over both fun and stressful times: the fun times being working at the bar, and the stressful times being in school, when Marineé was studying dentistry and V was studying nursing at the same time. 

Song she's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way





Evan and Andrew have been friends since high school, but it was through a bamboo business venture
(Yay Grassracks) that they became best friends. When they’re not discussing the next product launch, or where to launch it, they’re working on content for their educational vlog series called “And Now You Know This!”. (Available exclusively on Snapchat). Evan will be the one with a gin and tonic in hand, tearing it up on the dance floor.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Pat Benatar - We Belong


Matt "Griff Dog" Griffiths is Andrew’s best friend and served as his partner in crime at Lehigh. In fact, it was with Matt that Andrew first met Marineé. Matt and Andrew roomed together all four years of college and shared countless great times. We could write an epic novel about all of them but just ask Griff at the wedding. He’ll be glad to tell any story in all of it’s glorious detail. He’ll be the one partying harder than any nuclear engineer you’ve ever met. Also, when you see him and his wife Jeanette, don’t forget to wish their twin sons a Happy Birthday, they turn 1 on 07/07/18.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)


Grant is Andrew’s younger cousin, but he’s always been wise beyond his years. He’s a blast to hang out with and they’ve spent a lot of time on the porches of South Carolina beach houses talking like a couple of old men. When they weren’t dreaming of one day owning a beach house, they were playing basketball. Grant was the And One style-master which made him pretty unstoppable at H-O-R-S-E, but Andrew had the edge in one-on-one. Look for that same style from Grant on the dance floor, with his wife Jess to complement his moves.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Dion - Runaround Sue


Bill is Andrew's cousin, but even more like a brother. Despite growing up a couple of hours away from each other, they spent every holiday and as much summer as they could together. When Bill defended his PhD thesis in bioengineering at MIT, Andrew flew to Boston so they could celebrate by swimming across the Charles River. Luckily, they made it out alive without the need for antibiotics.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Tied between The Isley Brothers - Shout and Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (maybe even Taylor Swift - Shake It Off, but shhh- don't tell anyone)


Andrew met Duncan "Duncman" Kraig through Griff at some point in high school but they didn’t really know a whole lot about each other until towards the end of college. It didn’t take long to solidify the friendship, and Duncan was always game to hang out, pretty much whenever and wherever. They’ve played many a beer pong game together over the years. Duncan has helped as one of the lead R&D members for Andrew’s first product venture, the Pong Triangle. 

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Shinedown - I Dare You (Uh, no promises that we'll actually get to playing that, Duncman)


Vadim the Dream Kharaz is one of Andrew’s best friends from Lehigh. They met junior year at the beginning of a co-op program. They immediately bonded over basketball and played as much as possible after work. Vadim and Andrew, along with their buddy Griff, spent a lot of time the last two years of college just trying to survive engineering. Since then they’ve continued to play basketball, go snowboarding, and do their best to get back to Lehigh to drink beer and heckle Lafayette grads. If there's an electric guitar at the wedding, Vadim will jam on it like Jimi Hendrix. Whatever you do, don’t ask him to smile in pictures… he doesn’t do it.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: The Commodores - Brick House


Brother of Evan, Brendon has been one of Andrew’s best friends since high school. They both played on the tennis team, but probably spent more time playing pick-up basketball, which might have been why they didn’t win the most tennis matches. Brendon is a fantastic chef, known for his meals of Salami slices and Oreos for dinner. Look for his wife Molly at the wedding, who has some hilarious and very memorable stories of Brendon. 

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Tied between Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison and The Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Jump On It)


Tommy "Hambone" Gambone is Andrew’s best friend from high school. He's not only a male model, but a cat lover. After meeting through mutual friends they were pretty much inseparable, playing basketball, flag football (using their uniform ties for flags), and talking for hours on end about Ninja Turtles. Tom is probably the only person who enjoys the beach more than Andrew, if that’s even possible, and they put countless miles on their cars going back and forth to Jersey over the years. Tom will be the cool Italian who will need some motivation from Yuengling, his wife Marta, and you, before he busts out his dance maneuvers.  Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Any song by Britney Spears


Dr. John Montford and Andrew will have one very important thing in common come July: they will each be married to a Cabrera sister.  John and Noelia have been married for about four years now. Andrew is excited to have a brother-in-law to rock out to Metallica with, a buddy to turn to whenever he needs marriage advice, and a doctor to bug about medical questions.  This past April, Andrew was honored to be chosen as Maddyn's (John and Noelia's daughter) Godfather and he can't wait to see her walking down the aisle as the flower girl.

Song he's most looking forward to dancing to at the wedding: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Get Low



Dylan is Marinee's 3-year old nephew and Godson. He loves trucks, Elmo, and the song We Are The Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band. His favorite word of the moment is "wagon". We're so excited to have this little gentleman as our ring bearer!


Maddyn is Marinee's 1-year old niece and Andrew's Goddaughter. She loves the "Happy Baby" pose and eating, all day long.  Her favorite song is Happy by Pharrell Williams.

She is the happiest baby in town. We can't wait to see her smiling face walking down the aisle!

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